“The impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on global trade – one year on”

Trevor Williams, co-founder of FXguard is a panelist in the above webinar hosted by the Institute of Export & International Trade, the UK. When: 14 February | 14:30pm to 15:30pm GMT

To find out more about the event and to register, visit:

The Institute of Export and International Trade

In a free one hour webinar at 2.30pm on 14 February, hosted by the Institute of Export & International Trade, trade, policy and economics experts will look more deeply into the impact of the war on global trade and what businesses can do to mitigate its ongoing effects.

The primary impact of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is one of devastation and the tragic loss of human life. The war has also disrupted international trade flows, caused global inflationary pressures and led to wide-ranging sanctions being imposed on Russia.

The webinar will cover:

  • How the war has impacted global trade flows
  • The impact of the energy and inflation crises
  • A recap of the sanctions that have been introduced on Russia
  • Practical tips for ensuring compliance with sanctions
  • Practical tips for managing further disruption from geopolitical events