What We Do

Trevor is a well-known and highly-regarded speaker at many domestic UK and international business forums. He talks on a range of topics, including:

  • International trade
  • Economic forecasting
  • Financial markets
  • Trends in global financial markets
  • The future of the world economy
  • Globalisation
  • Demographics
  • Industrial trends
  • Productivity

Trevor has written and spoken extensively on how ‘big data’ can be used to analyse trends in macro-economic individual company performance and why and how the dramatic changes taking place in global financial markets are entirely understandable and predictable, even after the Great Financial Crisis. From this awareness, flows strategy and insight into the micro and macro-economic consequences of the evolution of the world economy for businesses and governments. What do some of these trends – some long, some short – mean for pensions, insurance, property markets, house builders, retailers or manufacturers?

  • Wondering what your company’s internal cost and sales data can tell you about how competitive your business is in the market place? Ask us, we can analyze the data, relate it to the market you operate in, and give insight into just how competitive you are and what you could do to become more so.
  • Do you have internal data that could give you information about trends in your trading environment before anyone else sees them? Ask us, and we can see if your data has leading indicator properties.
  • In the modern world, huge increases in computing power means that large amounts of data is being created that can help firms better understand the market they operate in and what, by their actions, their customers need and want from them.

Experience gained working at Lloyds Bank, and his economic knowledge, means Trevor is ideally placed to help you with that sort of analysis.

If you would like Trevor to speak at a forthcoming event or produce written insight, please contact us  to discuss your requirements.